cover design by Charlotte Strick, cover photographs by Jeff Williams


On the grounds of a private psychiatric facility, two brothers confront each other. Drew has been court-confined for observation, and he has called his older brother, Terry, to corroborate his claim of childhood sexual abuse by a young man many summers ago. Drew's request releases barely hidden animosities between the two men: Is he using these repressed memories to save himself while smearing the name of his brother's friend? Through pain and acknowledged betrayal, the brothers come to grips with and begin to understand the legacy of abuse, both inside and outside their family home.


   "In his scripts for films like In The Company Of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors, as well as plays like THE MERCY SEAT and the harrowing BASH, this highly accomplished artist of misanthropy has reveled in uncovering the feral snarl beneath the bland American smile."
Ben Brantley, New York Times

Stand and screenwriter Neil LaBute has been called a provocateur, a misanthrope and, less fairly, a misogynist. But the common thread running through his work is a dual appreciation for the necessity and the futility of human goodness. Scratch past the acerbic surface of his dialogue and you'll find a disillusioned heart, still trying to hope against hope."
Elysa Gardner, U S A Today


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