photo by August Strindberg


   “He [Strindberg] is bold, this Swede. Never have I seen the aristocratism of serfs so lucidly portrayed. The idea of the play struck me forcibly, and the author’s power awoke in me feelings of envy and surprise.”
Maxim Gorky on MISS JULIE

   “I read MISS JULIE back in the eighties (or early nineties). I know it, but I read it now again with great pleasure... He is a remarkable writer. He has a quite unusual power.”
Anton Chekhov

   “I was born too soon to be greatly influenced by him as a playwright, but he [Strindberg] is among the greatest of the great... [Though] I have a technical objection to making sexual infatuation a tragic theme [MISS JULIE]. Experience proves it is only effective in comic spirit.”
George Bernard Shaw

   “Stringberg still remains among the most modern of moderns, the greatest interpreter in the theater of the characteristic spiritual conflicts which constitute the drama--the blood--of our lives today.”
Eugene O’Neill

first produced by The Yale Repertory Theater, New Haven

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