cover painting by Neil Moore
represented by East West Gallery
from the Fivefold Theatre Co production
at the Pentameters Theatre, London


   ...The play is almost a cartoon, a succession of brief scenessome Stan Mack-realistic, some perfectly absurdseparated by blackouts. A young, hip suburban couple sits at home on Halloween watching T V, greeting trick-or-treaters, drinking, quarreling, and so on, while two all-purpose alter-egos known as `the Witch' and `the Beast' make strange appearances....
   ...the play makes for a funny and theatrical evening; it has the something's-creepy-in-suburbia air of Sam Shepard's BURIED CHILD, and the quick takes and precisely overheard dialogue of David Mamet's SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO....

Don Shewey, Soho News intriguing new play by Jeffrey M Jones that is a semi-random compilation of episodes....
   It is a wonderfully inventive play, very comic and almost silly In its theatricality, but it is also an intensely anguished play about a marriage that is dying of familiarity. This is an autobiographical piece, so terribly personal that it makes the heart ache with sympathy. Jones is writing about his own failed marriage, blending realism with psychological fantasy and a bit of grisly horror....

David Hawley, Saint Paul Dispatch


originally produced by Creation Production Company, New York

2 M, 2 F

I S B N: 0-88145-273-4



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