"Peter Ackerman's screwball bedroom comedy consists mainly of a sublimely ridiculous conference call involving three pairs of lovers. The questions about sex and the proper balance between intellectual and physical attraction have no answers, but Ackerman has some interesting suggestions, and, to his credit, comedy outweighs the theorizing."
The New Yorker

   "THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T SAY PAST MIDNIGHT: A COMEDY IN THREE BEDS is a contemporary sex farce you should see just as soon as you caneven though it's bound to be around for quite some time. This riotously funny work is Peter Ackerman's welcome debut as a playwright. ...the hilarious dialogue just gets better and better, as the lines fly by like rapid-fire artillery."
David Kaufman, Daily News

   "Singles meets Three's Company in this boisterously naughty romp about three couples searching for love (and lust) in New York City. One pair's quarrelsparked by bizarre, politically incorrect pillow talksets off a farcical chain of events that includes an offbeat May-December coupling, a speakerphone-aided group-therapy session, and lots of cheerful bonking."
C C, Entertainment Weekly


originally produced by Good Friends L L C at the Promenade Theater, New York

4 M, 2 F

I S B N: 0-88145-168-1



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